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View A Proof

The proofing process is very important to us. One tiny error or omission can ruin an entire project. Because electronically transmitted files are generally not accompanied by "hard copy" customer supplied proofs, all we have to refer to is what appears on our screens. This is why the proofing stage is so important.

After all, we're working with someone else's ideas. We feel that they should be the ultimate judge of their own project. So we've created an innovative online proofing system that allows you to view proofs without leaving your computer.

When proofs are available for your project, the email specified in the "Upload a File" area will be supplied a link for automatic viewing of the processed file activity. The proof will consist of a low-resolution PDF of the pages processed. The PDF will appear slightly grainy. Do not be concerned about it. These are low-resolution rasterized PDFs. These proofs are Postscript and are meant as verification of proper electronic interpretation of the submitted files. Please proof read your files prior to submission. Resubmitted files are chargeable at $5.00 per page for PDFs and $7.50 per page for application files. Silver Communications asks that you review our postscript proofs of any resubmitted material. You must "waive" these proofs in writing in order for us to proceed with the job.