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102-A Executive Drive
Sterling, VA 20166

In working with us, you'll find that our company is not overly regimented. Everyone understands their role but is willing to help out wherever needed to see a job through. You'll never hear a member of our staff say, "that's not my job."

Though we believe whole-heartedly in this open approach, it's necessary to separate our company into a few departments. Whether it's Customer Service or production, it takes everyone we have to make our clients look their best.

  • Binding and Mailing
    Binding and Mailing

    The bindery and mailing departments at Silver Communications have recently been updated to include several machines which employ the newest technologies available. From automated cutting,
    sheet-fed folding, computerized gathering, stitching and trimming to multi-piece"matched" mailing, the variety of services available is awesome. Silver also offers scoring, perforating, die-cutting, embossing and foil-stamping as "value added" services.

  • Cold-Set Web Press Department
    Cold-Set Web Press Department

    Silver Communications is known primarily as a cold-set web newspaper printer.
    The company currently operates a 13 unit
    multi-color Goss Community web press.
    The machine services a wide variety
    of clientele including newspaper publishers, designers, trade and professional associations, high schools, colleges, and community centers.

    Operating the press are three shifts of cold-set web specialists each headed by printing professionals with decades of experience and expertise. This is where the magic of the printing process happens... and these are the magicians.

  • Customer Service

    Silver Communications prides itself on it's responsiveness and flexibility.

    This starts with the Customer Service Department. We realize that for your publication to be completed well and on time, all company functions must be coordinated from the point of contact.

    Our Customer Service Representatives are in constant touch with all production departments
    in order to assure that we as an organization can offer you the quickest response, and the most
    efficient production flow from pre-press through delivery.

  • Electronic Pre-Press

    The use of electronic files for production of print has been prevalent for about twenty years. Silver Communications employs some of the finest pre-press technicians in the area.
    Coming to this specialty from former positions as varied as photography, typesetting, camera/stripping, graphic design and press work,
    these professionals are up to most any technical challenge.

    We utilize a high speed "computer to plate (CTP)" workflow. This system represents state-of-the-art pre-press technology.